Your time on the island of Texel starts with the ferry crossing. Relax in comfortable surroundings and enjoy beautiful views of the Wadden Sea. When the weather is fair you can make yourself comfortable on the sun terraces on the saloon deck. In the saloon, you will find a buffet and free Wi-Fi. There are toilets and a shop selling typical Texel products and souvenirs. After a crossing of about twenty minutes the ferry will moor in the harbour at Texel.

On the car deck

If you are travelling by car, please follow the instructions of our staff carefully when boarding the ferry. On board, park your car as close as possible to the car in front. This saves space and allows as many cars as possible to make the crossing, reducing waiting times at the terminal. Once you have parked your car, please switch off your engine and apply the handbrake. Switch off your car alarm during the journey, as it might be activated by the movement of the ship during the crossing.

Food and drinks on board

In the saloon you will find a buffet offering a wide variety of drinks and excellent food. Relax with a cup of coffee and a pastry or a filled roll, and gaze out at the beautiful view of the sea and the island. The buffet menu includes freshly baked Italian filled rolls, vegetable and tomato soup, milk, kefir, and delicious treats from the local bakery. The buffet also sells national and regional newspapers. 

In the saloon you can pay by card. If you can only pay in cash, it is preferable to pay in exact change.


On board our ships you will find a selection of great souvenirs and sweets from Texel. If you are looking for a souvenir of the island, feel free to have a look. Here you will find a variety of gifts: from picture postcards and a miniature of the TESO ferry ship to Texel speciality craft beer and Texel cake in the shape of the island.

Ferry harbour in Den Helder

Have a look at the facilities in the ferry harbour in Den Helder

Ferry harbour Texel

Have a look at the facilities in the ferry harbour in Texel