You can purchase your tickets on our website or at the ticket desk at the ferry terminal in Den Helder. If you are buying your ticket at the terminal, we recommend that you arrive well before your ferry is due to depart. Your ticket for the ferry between Den Helder and Texel is always a return ticket. This means that you do not need a ticket for your journey from Texel to Den Helder and can therefore embark immediately.

You can pay by card at the ferry terminal in Den Helder. If you can only pay in cash, it is preferable to pay in exact change.

Rates for vehicles

Cars, motorcycle, long vehicles, special transport

Rates for cyclists and moped riders

Bicycle, tandem or scooter, incl. bike trailer

Rates for pedestrians

Pedestrian, incl. luggage, (motorised) wheelchair, pushchair and pet

Purchasing a ticket online

Buying online saves you time. You don't have to wait in line at the ticket desk.

Buy a ticket

Purchasing a ticket at the counter

No online ticket? Buy one at the terminal.

Your ticket is a return ticket

The ticket you purchase in Den Helder also covers your return journey from Texel to Den Helder. You do not need to buy a separate ticket.