When you travel with TESO you will have to follow the rules as stated in the “Algemene Veerboot- en Beurtvaartcondities” (Dutch General Ferry Boot and Regular Barge Terms and Conditions) in the ferry harbours and on board our ships. Stichting Vervoeradres has filed the terms and conditions at the office of the District Court in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Download the General Ferry Boot and Regular Barge Terms and Conditions as drafted by Stichting Vervoersadres (Dutch PDF)

Amongst others the terms and conditions state that we and our employees cannot be held responsible for damages to luggage, to vehicles and to goods transported by vehicles. When travelling with TESO you agree to these terms and conditions. Should you fail to comply with the directions given by our employees and with our terms and conditions our employees are entitled to deny you access to the ferry harbours and to the ferries.

Below you can download the terms and conditions for transport and sales. Should there be any conflict between the terms and conditions and the “Algemene Veerboot- en Beurtvaartcondities”  the general terms and conditions of N.V. Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming shall prevail.

> Download TESO terms and conditions

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