Travelling to Texel by ferry for the first time

You can start preparing for your ferry crossing to Texel in the comfort of your own home. We recommend that you purchase your ticket online in advance. If not, our staff will be happy to assist you at the ticket desk at the ferry terminal in Den Helder.

Your ferry ticket is always a return ticket

Your ticket for the ferry between Den Helder and Texel is always a return ticket. We will not check your ticket when you make the return trip from Texel to Den Helder, so you can embark immediately.

No need to make a reservation

You can start your trip whenever you like. You do not have to make a reservation for the date and time of your crossing, either to or from the island. If we are expecting higher traffic volumes, we will operate a second ferry. Go to Timetables to check when additional crossings have been scheduled.

Quick access with license plate recognition

Are you travelling to Texel by car with an online ticket? In that case, you do not have to queue at the ticket desk and you can go straight to the automatic access gates. Make sure you register your license plate when you purchase an e-ticket, as this gives you speedier access to the departure bay. The barrier will open automatically as soon as the system recognizes your licence plate. Please note: Automatic access technology is only in place on the three lanes to the far right.

Purchase your ticket online and register your licence plate. The self-service access gates will scan your licence plate and give you even quicker access. That way you avoid queueing at the ticket desk.

Please note: This will only work for the three self-service access gates. You will find them on the three lanes to the far right. Follow the instructions on the LED display reading “Ik heb al een ticket” (“I already have a ticket”).

Travel cheaper on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

If you travel to Texel by vehicle on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, we will give you a discount of 30% on your ticket. The discount applies for all vehicles. The only exceptions are pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders.

You can decide yourself when you want to travel back to Den Helder.

Even with a discounted ticket, you are free to decide when you want to travel back to Den Helder. You return journey does not have to be on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Purchasing a ticket online

Order your ticket online. Then you do not have to pass the counter.

Rates tickets

Rates for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians

Passengers with disabilities

Have a look at the facilities that help make the crossing and waiting time more comfortable for passengers with disabilities.