If you travel to Texel on a regular basis you might want to consider purchasing a priority pass for your vehicle.  Please find below further clarification of our various special passes.


Priority pass

For vehicles you can purchase a priority pass. The priority pass will grant you the right to embark on the first available crossing, provided you have arrived in the ferry harbour before loading of the ship has started and provided there is still space in the priority lane. You can purchase a priority pass at the counter in Den Helder or at the head office on the island of Texel. The priority pass is valid from the moment of purchase until the end of the current month and for the following 12 months thereafter.

The priority pass is connected to a license plate. The license plate of your car must match the license plate registered with your priority pass. The pass cannot be used for a different vehicle. 

> Download de Terms and Conditions for priority passes (Dutch)