Foot Passengers

Foot Passengers
Return Fare
1 return ticket 2.50  
5 return tickets 11.00 2.20
5 return tickets 4 to 11 years and above 65 5.00 1.00
15 return tickets 30.00 2.00
15 return tickets 4 to 11 years and above 65 13.50 0.90
100 return tickets for commuters 150.00 1.50
All rates in Euros    

A multi-trip return ticket can be used once per hour by one person only. Multi-trip return tickets can be bought as E-tickets on our website, or at the counters Den Helder on a TESO pass. A one-off fee of € 2.00 will be charged for the issue of a TESO pass. You can top up your TESO pass several times, at the counters in Den Helder and on MyTESO.

Passengers travelling in a group will have to purchase separate tickets for each person or have to be in possession of their own TESO pass.

Children under the age of 4 years travel for free.