The off-peak fare for passenger cars will remain unchanged in 2015. As of 1 January 2015 the standard fare (valid from Fridays to Mondays) will be increased from € 36.50 in 2014 to € 37.00.

Standard Fare And Off-Peak Fare

For passengers travelling from Friday to Monday a higher rate applies than on other days. The off-peak fare has been introduced in order to encourage travelling outside busy days (Fridays to Mondays). By differentiating rates this way TESO aims to prevent waiting times.

Return Ticket

A ferry ticket is always a return ticket. You can purchase a ferry ticket before departure either on this website (E-ticket) or at one of the ticket offices in the harbour in Den Helder. If you plan to use our service regularly, you may want to invest in a multi-trip travel card (as an E-ticket or as credits on a TESO pass), granting you a discount on your crossings.


You do not need to produce a ticket on the journey from Texel to the mainland as there will be no ticket control.