The motor vessel "Schulpengat’"was taken into service in 1991 and was TESO’s flagship until the end of 2005.The Schulpengat is providing as a "substitute vessel" when the Texelstroom or Dokter Wagemaker undergoes maintenance work.

Facts and Figures


Length: 110.44 m
Width: 18.70 m
Draught (max.): 4.00 m


Number of passengers: 1,750
Number of passenger cars: approx. 242
Cargo capacity: (max.): 1,215 tons

Ship's weight

3,645,000 kg

Propulsion force

Four propellers x 1.250 kW


Approx. 13 knots/ 24 km/h

Tank capacity

Fuel: 529,000 litres
Drinking water: 60,000 litres