The motor vessel "Schulpengat’"was taken into service in 1991 and was TESO’s flagship until the end of 2005. Since "Dokter Wagemaker" maintains daily service, the Schulpengat is providing extra capacity at peak demands, and as a "substitute vessel"’ when the Dokter Wagemaker undergoes maintenance work. The Schulpengat has undergone an extensive refit in 2007. All systems were updated and the vessel was painted in the TESO company colours.

Facts and Figures


Length: 110.44 m
Width: 18.70 m
Draught (max.): 4.00 m


Number of passengers: 1,750
Number of passenger cars: approx. 242
Cargo capacity: (max.): 1,215 tons

Ship's weight

3,645,000 kg

Propulsion force

Four propellers x 1.250 kW


Approx. 13 knots/ 24 km/h

Tank capacity

Fuel: 529,000 litres
Drinking water: 60,000 litres