Dokter Wagemaker

The flagship "Dokter Wagemaker" has been the flagship of TESO ferry service since January 2006. The vessel was named after the founder of TESO, a local General Practitioner and also the founder of TESO, Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (Texel's Own Steamboot Corporation). The ship was contracted by Damen Shipyards of Gorinchem (the Netherlands), built by Damen Shipyards Galatz (Rumania), and completed by Royal Schelde Yards at Flushing (the Netherlands).

The "Dokter Wagemaker" is larger and wider than previous TESO vessels, and can hence offer a larger capacity to cars and passengers. Due to the width of the ship the landing stages in Den Helder and on Texel had to be widened.


Facts and Figures


Length: 130.40 m
Width: 22.70 m
Draught (max.): 4.40 m


Number of passengers: 1,750
Number of cars: approx. 300
Ship's payload (max.): 1,840 metric ton

Dead Load

5,080,000 kg

Propulsion Force

(Electric) Propulsion Engines: 4 x 1,800 kW


Approx. 15 knots / 28 km/h

Tank Capacity

Fuel: 1,350,000 liter
Potable Water: 50,000 liter