Dokter Wagemaker

The "Dokter Wagemaker" has been the flagship of TESO ferry service since January 2006 till 2016. The vessel was named after the founder of TESO, a local General Practitioner and also the founder of TESO, Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (Texel's Own Steamboot Corporation).

The "Dokter Wagemaker" has a capacity of 300 cars and 1.750 passengers. 


Facts and Figures


Length: 130.40 m
Width: 22.70 m
Draught (max.): 4.40 m


Number of passengers: 1,750
Number of cars: approx. 300
Ship's payload (max.): 1,840 metric ton

Dead Load

5,080,000 kg

Propulsion Force

(Electric) Propulsion Engines: 4 x 1,800 kW


Approx. 15 knots / 28 km/h

Tank Capacity

Fuel: 1,350,000 liter
Potable Water: 50,000 liter