Terms of Transport

Travelling with the TESO ferry service, during your stopover in the ferry harbour and during the crossing we require you to comply with the latest version of transport conditions (Algemene Veerboot- en Beurtvaartcondities) filed by Stichting Vervoeradres with the District Court in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. These terms and conditions are available for free on request.  

Due to these terms and conditions, N.V. Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming and all the staff employed by this shipping company are not liable for damage on vehicles, on transported goods, on luggage etc.

Our staff is entitled to deny passengers failing to comply with our instructions and rules access to our ferry and the ferry harbours.

You can download the transport conditions below. In case of contradictions between the terms and conditions and the Algemene Veerboot- en Beurtvaartcondities the terms and conditions as drawn up by N.V. Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming will prevail.


Transport Conditions