Green Partners on the Wadden Sea

Gulf Oil, MAIN and TESO have cooperated for more than twenty-five years, both environmentally conscious and innovative, in order to serve their customers better. TESO is the first and for the time being only Gulf Oil client using biodiesel in shipping, truly one of a kind. The shipping industry currently tends to use fuel oil and fuels with a high level of sulphur. The diesel fuel (meeting the EN 590 standard) that has been used by TESO for years contains an extremely low level of sulphur. In combination with the substantial share of (sulphur-free) additive for biodiesel this leads to a minimum of sulphur emission, marking TESO’s concern for the environment. Furthermore, biodiesel is carbon neutral. Burning fossil diesel oil, however, leads to the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. Even though the use of fuel with a low level of sulphur is not a legal requirement, TESO aims to deliver the “greenest” service possible. For the disposal of the waste oil Gulf Oil and TESO cooperate with MAIN. MAIN has turned the waste product “waste oil” into a recycling product. The waste oil is collected by MAIN and processed in the company’s facility in Amsterdam, where the water is separated from oil and other substances. Subsequently the water is purified so that it can be re-used as tap water; the oil is processed into new “green” crude oil. As “green” and innovative partners we are confident of a bright future.