Fuel Savings with XMILE

TESO adds a small quantity of the additive XMILE to the diesel oil /bio petroleum. XMILE containing enzymes gathered from foliage through nanotechnology. It is therefore originally a completely natural additive with a biochemical effect. XMILE enhances combustion of fuels in the cylinders of the diesel engines. The product has been tested at length in one of the two identical engine rooms of the ferry Dokter Wagemaker.

After a fairly long testing period performance and fuel consumption of both engine rooms were compared. Tests have shown that the engines in the engine room using XMILE had used approx. 6 – 7% less fuel, generating the same kilowatt values as the engines of the other engine room. As a result of the tests TESO has now started using the additive in all the other engine rooms of the ferry ships. This way, TESO is saving approx. 300,000 litre diesel oil each year! On top of reduced fuel consumption the emission of CO2 has been reduced by 6%. Furthermore the emission of NOx and CO (carbon monoxide) has been reduced by resp. 9% and 32%, the emission of soot by even 40%. Reducing the emission of NOx, CO and soot is currently of major environmental importance. Reducing CO2 will be important for future generations. With the use of XMILE TESO is aiming to ensure a sustainable environment for us and our descendants.