TESO continues to operate, but with fewer crossings and additional measures in force

TESO is making every effort to keep Texel easily accessible, running a reliable timetable so that the island can be continuously supplied and commuters with key jobs can still travel to and from work.

Until further notice fewer crossings

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) the demand for transport to and from Texel has dropped drastically and everyone has been advised only to travel if strictly necessary.

For this reason, as of Saturday 28 March 2020 TESO ferry will sail once every two hours from each ferry port. Except between 06:00 and 09:00 and in the evening from 20:00. See below for the new timetable. 

From Texel From Den Helder
06:00* 06:30*
07:00 07:30
08:00 08:30
10:00 10:30
12:00 12:30
14:00 14:30
16:00 16:30
18:00 18:30
20:00 20:30
21:00 21:30

* On Sunday, the first ferry departs from Texel at 07:00 and from Den Helder at 07:30.


The second vessel will not be in service for the time being, and any planned additional crossings will be cancelled until further notice. Monday, March 30 2020, crossings for transport of hazardous will take place from Den Helder at 09:30 and from Texel at 13:00. Unfortunately it is still unclear when the regular timetable will resume.

Measures during crossing

We put the health of our employees and passengers first, and for this reason the following measures have been in place since 15 March 2020:

  • Drivers and all occupants must remain in their vehicle during the 20-minute crossing.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists should follow the general national hygiene guidelines and keep a responsible distance from one another in the lounge or on the outside deck, weather permitting. 
  • TESO employees will no longer accept payments in cash. This means that you have to purchase your ferry ticket in advance. You can do so here.
  • Make sure that you bring your own food and drink, as the kiosks at the ferry ports and the on-board buffets are closed.
  • The information desk at the TESO office is also closed. If you have any questions, you can reach us during office hours on +31 (0)222 36 96 00 or email us at info@teso.nl.

On the basis of the reduced timetable and the above measures, we expect to be able to guarantee the continuity of the ferry service. On a daily basis and in response to the information issued by the government and the Dutch health authorities (RIVM), we will continue to check whether these measures are still adequate or whether they need to be adapted to ensure the safety of our employees and passengers. Before travelling, we recommend that you always consult this website for the latest information, just to be sure.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We wish you a pleasant crossing.

Coronavirus: TESO continues to operate, but with fewer crossings and additional measures in force. Click here for more information.