Timetable and additional COVID-19 measures in force

The demand for transport to Texel has increased significantly. For this reason, TESO re-introduced the timetable.

TESO also requires you wear a facemask

Since Monday 1 June 2020, a non-medical facemask will have to be worn on public transport. This also applies at TESO and the other Wadden Sea ferries.

All passengers 13 years of age or older who want to take the ferry will have to wear a non-medical facemask. The regulation applies to both the vessels themselves and all TESO grounds. In Den Helder, this means that any passengers within the cordoned-off area must put on their facemasks. On Texel, facemasks must be worn at entrances and exits, on the bridge, in the waiting room and in assembly areas.

Occupants of vehicles must remain in them during crossings. Anyone leaving a vehicle – to visit the bathroom, for instance – must wear a non-medical facemask. This applies both on TESO grounds and on board its ferries. Occupants inside a vehicle do not need to wear a facemask.

Cyclists and pedestrians must put on a facemask as soon as they enter the grounds and keep it on throughout the journey. Anyone who does not have a facemask with them can buy one at the counter in Den Helder or at the information desk on Texel.

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> Frequently asked questions about wearing a facemask

Measures during crossing

We put the health of our employees and passengers first, and for this reason the following measures have been in place:

  • Drivers and all occupants must remain in their vehicle during the 20-minute crossing. If you leave your vehicle for toilet, you have to wear a non-medical mask.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists should follow the general national hygiene guidelines and keep a responsible distance from one another in the lounge or on the outside deck, weather permitting.
  • TESO employees will no longer accept payments in cash. This means that you have to purchase your ferry ticket in advance. You can do so here.
  • Wearing a non-medical face mask will be compulsory on public transport and TESO for pedestrians and cyclists aged 13 and older.
  • Due to the corona measures, the waiting time at our catering facilities may be longer than usual. We therefore recommend that you bring your own food and drinks.

Before travelling, we recommend that you always consult this website for the latest information, just to be sure.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We wish you a pleasant crossing.

Coronavirus: additional COVID-19 measures in force. Click here for more information.